Retroarch Cores for the Sega Mini

This guide will show you the cores that can be downloaded for the Sega Genesis Mini.

Retroarch Cores for the Sega Mini

  1. Atari 2600 Core: stella
  2. Atari 5200 Core: atari800
  3. Atari Lynx Core: handy
  4. Amiga Core: puae
  5. Commodore 64 Core: vice_x64
  6. Game Boy Core: gambatte
  7. Gameboy Advanced Core: mgba or gpsp
  8. Mame Core: mame2003
  9. MSDOS Core: dosbox or scummvm
  10. Neo Geo Pocket: mednafen_ngp
  11. Nintendo NES Core: nestopia or fceumm
  12. Nintendo SNES Core: snes9x or snes9x2010
  13. Sega 32X Core: picodrive
  14. Sega Master System Core: genesis_plus_gx
  15. Sega Game Gear Core: genesis_plus_gx
  16. Sega Genesis Core: genesis_plus_gx
  17. Sega CD Core: genesis_plus_gx

The Sega Mini console will have major issues playing games in the following cores:

  1. Nintendo n64 Core: mupen64plus
  2. Nintendo DS Core: draStic
  3. Sega Dreamcast Core: reicast
  4. PSP Core: ppsssp
  5. Sony Playstation Core: pcsx_rearmed

Learn how to add emulators to your Sega Genesis Mini so you can play games from other consoles here.

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