Install Project Lunar

Project Lunar will allow users to install more games/emulators on to the Sega Genesis Mini!

Items Needed:
1) Sega Genesis Mini: You can still get unopened Sega Mini on Ebay here:
2) Project Lunar from the Github Page
3) Data Transfer Micro-USB cable (the Micro-USB that comes with the Sega Genesis Mini is only a charging cable and will not work!)

1.  Download

  1. Download and Extract Project Lunar.

2. Launch ProjectLunar-installer.exe.

  • Install Project-Lunar (It’s OK if you get the above message), and click OK.
  • Wait for the prompt about installing drivers.

3. Get the Sega Genesis Mini Ready for Connection to PC.

  • When you see the message above you need to start connecting the Sega Genesis Mini to the PC.

4. Unplug all cables from the Sega Genesis mini.

  • This includes the controller and power cord.

5. Turn on the Sega Genesis Mini.

  • Flip the power switch on.

6. Press and hold down the Reset button.

  • While holding down the Reset button, plug in the data transfer micro-USB cable.

7. Wait for Project Lunar to Install.

  • This should take about 10 minutes. 

8. Save Back-Up Files.

  • Project Lunar made a NAND backup for exporting.
  • Go to Tools/Advanced/Export Backup and save it somewhere on your PC.

9. Wait for Project Lunar to Sync to Sega Genesis Mini.

  • Project Lunar will sync to determine how much space is left on the Sega Genesis Mini.
  • Once the sync is done (about 20 seconds), the Add new game button will light up.

To add more games to the Sega Genesis Mini see the next page here.




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That’s quite a problem you have there, try this backup tool from the Project Lunar creator’s page here. See if that creates the backup you need.

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